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"Smile Messenger - My Story With Pandas" campaign is ongoing!

04-30-2024 11:40

"Smile Messenger - My Story With Pandas" invites all giant panda lovers to share videos, photos, paintings, handicrafts, and creative artworks of giant pandas you love or the special memories you have with them. 

Please read carefully the requirements for participation, then email your work to the designated email address to participate.

This campaign will start on April 30, and your excellent work will be displayed on iPanda's social media platform.


Participate via email: 

Send your work to: ipandaevent@vip.cntv.cn 

Email Subject: "Smile Messenger - My Story With Pandas " + Your name + Title of your work

The submitted videos should not be less than 45 seconds, and photos should be in jpg/jpeg/png format.

Message: Please also provide your personal information including name and email address as well as a brief introduction to the work, including title and the story behind it (English).

Please send your work(s) as an attachment(s) to the email.


1. Please make sure the contents of your photo(s) and video(s) are friendly and original. Your works shall not violate local laws and regulations; shall not involve pornography or violence; and respect others' privacy and religious beliefs. Any non-compliant work will be disqualified from the campaign.

2. Works that have participated in other events in the past are not allowed to participate in the campaign.

3. The organizers will NOT charge any fee for the campaign participation.

4. Please only submit once. For anyone who submits repeatedly, only the photo(s) and video(s) uploaded first will be acknowledged.

5. For any work submitted during the campaign, we assume that you have the complete and independent copyright of the work. Any violation to others' copyright will disqualify the work from this campaign. The submission of the photo(s) and video(s) means the uploader of the photo(s) and video(s) agrees to grant the organizers the right to use the works for non-commercial purposes related to this campaign.

6. The organizers reserve the right to the final interpretation of the campaigns.