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Giant panda cub born at western Japanese zoo has a name

12-20-2018 15:57

A 4-month-old female giant panda cub born at a zoo in western Japan has been named Saihin, the zoo announced on Monday.

According to officials at the Adventure World zoo in the town of Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan, the name was selected from about 120,000 suggestions solicited from the public across Japan.

The name "Saihin", with the Chinese character pronounced Sai meaning bright and vivid and Hin being the second character of the town's name Shirahama, embodies people's hope that the giant panda cub would bring brightness to their daily life, according to the zoo.

The cub was only 15.5 centimeters in length and weighed just 75 grams when it was born on Aug. 14 and was initially placed in an incubator at the zoo.

Now, however, the beautiful cub has grown to 78 centimeters and weighs 6,175 grams, said the zoo.

Adventure World has been involved in panda breeding since 1994 and as of now, has successfully bred 15 giant panda cubs.