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Released milu deer living in nature reserve successfully reproduced in Inner Mongolia

05-22-2022 19:34

Recently, nine milu deer cubs were born in Daqingshan National Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia. This is the first time that a wild milu deer population has been successfully established in this transition zone in China. At the same time, this is also the first generation reproduced by the deer population released into the wild in Daqingshan area.

Since the reintroduction performed in September, 2021, Chinese researchers have been using Beidou satellite GPS collars wore by these 27 deer to track and monitor their behaviors, and the result shows that the deer population has initially adapted to the alpine climate and successfully reproduced, which marks the staged success of the deer release.

The milu deer is a national first-class protected animal in China. It once disappeared in the wild, but through unremitting efforts, the artificially bred population keeps  growing and the wild population has been rebuilt.

According to statistics, there are currently nearly 10,000 milu deer alive in China. With the successful reintroduction of rare species such as giant pandas and milu deer into the wild, the biodiversity in China has been further enriched.