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Returned San Diego Zoo panda meets public in China after quarantine

12-04-2018 16:19

A senior giant panda named Gao Gao who just finished his 15 years of sojourn at the San Diego Zoo in the United States, met the public Monday in his native home of southwest China's Sichuan Province after undergoing a month-long quarantine to prove he is in good health.

At 28 years old, equivalent to about 98 human years, Gao Gao was able to normally eat the healthy diet provided by keepers at a quarantine base of the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas in the city of Dujiangyan, Sichuan.

His diet is composed of bamboo branches and sprouts, carrots, apples and buns.

During his stay in San Diego, Gao Gao had his cancerous right testicle removed, which proved to be a non-aggressive type of tumor. He has taken medication for illnesses that come with age including high blood pressure, heart problems and arthritis.

Vets with China's panda center have been closely monitoring his health. They said the panda base in Dujiangyan is much colder than the one in San Diego. The temperature change is a big challenge to Gao Gao, but he has adjusted well to his new conditions. His room temperature is kept at 15 degrees Celsius at night.

The panda center has established giant panda cooperation with 15 zoos in 13 countries. A total of 34 Chinese giant pandas have been on a sojourn in those zoos and have given birth to 18 cubs aboard.