Introduction to iPandacom

I. Overview

iPandacom is a product of internationalized new media created at full stretch by China Network Television (CNTV) and full of innovative ideas. The channel’s main theme is the panda - a rare animal peculiar to China - with the intention to introduce these adorable animals and their current protection situation to netizens all over the world. This is done through multiple terminals in various languages in the hope of transmitting peace, friendship and public welfare.

II. Programs

The First 24-Hour HD Live Telecast Program of Pandas Through Multiple Cameras Worldwide.

In collaboration with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, CNTV has set up 28 cameras in five parts of the base, capturing the true life of these lovely pandas. Broadcasting control rooms where the program director can make real-time observations and switch cameras have also been built. To enrich the program, directors will pick ten cameras in which pandas are in better condition for SD live broadcast on the internet, among which one will include real-time written commentaries.

Registered users are able to chat on the platform. Panda commentators will interact with the audience to make sure that they have a good experience on iPandacom.

Thirty-minute original request programs everyday

Interesting request programs including Panda Time, Panda Show, Panda Interview, Panda Wiki, and Panda Stories are produced on base of the live videos, the videos from the film crew and other source materials.

Documentaries of Pandas and other feature programs

A large number of panda documentaries are produced on base of the documentaries and feature programs from CCTV.

III. Platforms


The theme website ( is a pioneer featuring videos of pandas and an exclusive community of panda fans with four theme pages - “Panda Live, Panda Theater, Panda Planet and Panda Town”. The Chinese and the English versions of the website are now available. CNTV will collaborate with to create the multilingual version channel covering a larger range of netizens.


The community of iPandacom (Panda Town) is a platform themed by pandas for social networking and exchanges as well as an online home customized for global panda fans. Panda stars and many celebrities have already registered in the community, waiting for panda fans.

Social Network

iPandacom has registered an official account and created exclusive pages on Facebook, Youtube, CNTV weibo, Sina weibo and Renren to synchronously release interesting information and to interact with fans.

IV. Terminals

CNTV, giving full play to its advantage of broadcasting programs on multiple screens from single cloud storage, releases interesting information from iPandacom on mobile, computer and television terminals. Besides, these programs can be watched everywhere via multimedia, mobile network client, IP TV, mobile TV and Network TV platforms as well as vehicle-mounted and outdoor public audiovisual platforms.

iPandaCam: With its most attracting 24-hour program of Panda Live, iPandaCam also provides a collection of brilliant panda videos and request programs.

It is the only app of Panda Live which is simple and convenient. Apps on iOS and Android platforms are now available.

V. Outlook

CNTV aims to establish the “China Live” platform by fully realizing the potential of iPandacom and utilizing the developmental pattern of this website. By promoting China’s rare wild animals, beautiful landscape, historical relics and education, CNTV wants to introduce a real and beautiful China to the world by using its cutting-edge technology of HD live broadcasting in combination with E-commerce.


Beautiful China, Beautiful Panda